The Leatherwood name is rare, both in American and in England.  Census searches for the US reveal no early Leatherwood except the descendants of one English couple, John and Martha Leatherwood, who arrived in Maryland in 1680.  The line of Leatherwoods who migrated to Texas began their journey from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The Texas Leatherwoods in Tracks of My Texas Ancestors begins with John Moore Leatherwood, 3x great grandfather, and descends through his daughter Mary Josephine Leatherwood Marley, 2x great grandmother, then through her daughter Martha Jane Marley Carroll, great grandmother, onto to Effie Estella Carroll Pittman, grandmother, and lastly to my father Willard Carroll Pittman.

 My research and writings cover the Leatherwoods from the Colonials, to Spartanburg, South Carolina and the Texas Leatherwoods.  Posts are in date order of most recently posted to older posts, and are listed under the Leatherwood Label.

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