These Photos are from my Great Grandmothers Album. Most were not identified, therefore the captions under the photo will represent this authors best guess based on research as to the identities.

Martha Jane Marley Carroll
Photo taken same time as childrens photo below...after the death of
her husband Steven Bennett Carroll in June 1903.
She was 27 years of age.

Children of Martha Jane Marley and Steven Bennet Carroll.
Photo taken in late summer or early fall of 1903 based on baby Mary Ella born July 4, 1902.
Children on left - Effie Estella and Othello Elisha. 
Merritt Douglas on the right.
Their Father Steven Bennett Carroll died June 23, 1903.

Steven Bennett and Martha Jane Marley Carroll Family Portrait.
(Martha Jane's name and writing on back says, "self and family..all children brown eyes")
Photo taken about 1901 based on age of baby Effie Estella Carroll who was born in 1900.
Youngest son (first on left) is Merritt Douglas born in 1898.
Older son Othello Elisha Columbus born in 1895.
Photo taken at Price Studio, Jacksboro, Texas

At first thought to be Martha Jane Marley and husband Steven Bennett Carroll with
their first born son Othello.  However, the dates and look of Martha Jane do not correspond
with later photo positively known to be of Martha J and Steven B. Carroll.
Now thought to be Palmyra Akin and husband John Anderson Thedford with daughter Naomi.
Marked resemblance to later photo known to be Palmyra.
Photo taken at Price Studio, Jacksboro, Texas

Believed to be Wardie Bell Marley.
Daughter of Elisha and Mary Josephine Marley.
Sister of Martha Jane Marley Carroll
If this picture was taken about the same time as the others, she would
have been about 18 years of age and  single which would explain why she
was pictured by herself.
Wardie Bell's story Occupation:  Seamstress/Dressmaker 

Believed to be Anna Etta Marley Christopher and Family.
Husband William Oscar Christopher and daughters
 Florence Alma and baby Alpha M. Christopher.

Believed to be the Sons of Elisha S. and Mary Josephine Marley.
John Henry (1878-1941), William Samuel (1879-1939), Zachariah Andrew (1883-1950),  George Holbert (1886-1960), 
James Benjamin (1888-1978) and Jesse Simeon (1894-1953)

Couple on the right known to be William Samuel and Florence A. Christopher Marley.
Couple on the left believed to be H.A.'Foy' Boatman and wife Lou Ida Marley Boatman.
William 'Bill' and Lue Ida were the children of Elisha S. and Mary Josephine Marley
and brother and sister of my Great Grandmother Martha Jane Marley Carroll.
Photo taken at Price Studio Jacksboro, Texas abt. 1911.

William Samuel Marley and Florence A. Christopher
Married October 25,1905
Taken at Price Studio, Jacksboro, Texas

Believed to be Marley sisters...Anna Etta on the right and Lue Ida. 
Photo probably around 1900.

William Samuel and Anna Etta Marley.
Judging from Anna's clothing, this photo was taken at the same time as the one above.

Palmyra J. Akin Thedford
 Aunt of my Great Grandfather Stephen Bennett Carroll
Sister of Stephen's Mother-Julia Ann Akin Carroll 
Born Palmyra J. Akin on November 7, 1845.
Daughter of
Stephen B. and Katherine Ann Gwaltney Akin
Raised in Dyer County, Tennessee
Married John A. Thedford on January 9, 1867
Mother of Naomi B. Thedford born in 1876
Moved to Cleburne City, Johnson County, Texas
(1900 US Federal Census Records)
Died June 17, 1912 
Buried in Cleburne Memorial Cemetery
Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas
Her story on CollectInTexas Gal
The Bride of the Desert

The Photo Album Restoration


Believed to be Abner Franklin Carroll
Brother of Stephen Bennett


Known To Be Pearl Boatman Fisher
Sept. 4, 1909 - May 26, 1987
Daughter of Lou Ida Marley Boatman and Niece of Martha Jane Marley Carroll