Tennessee Kin and Kitty

These Unknown's may only ever be known to Great Grandmother MJ Carroll.  However, I will continue to scrutinize, dissect, and research them from their facial features, clothing styles, photography studio sets and profile portfolios until.....whenever!  I do have some idea about the couple in the bottom right corner, and have narrowed their identities down to Great Grandfather Stephen B. Carroll's relatives.  Possibly his Aunt Palmyra with husband John Anderson Thedford and daughter Naomi. 

The most mystifying and I must admit, the most frustrating in finding even one clue as to who they are is the top left photo I have named 'Tennessee Kin'.  Because it was taken in the same studio, at the same time, and was included in the same Family Album, I feel confident they are related to Great Grandfather Carroll.  It's another 'Unknown' photo I have turned inside out, upside down, and every which way in researching possibilities that fit the ages and relationships of these three women.  Perhaps, one day a hint will turn up in the most unexpected place....like Kitty's did.

"Frank Carroll -Tennessee (probably) brother of Steve Bennitt Carroll, visited M.J. Carroll in Treadway, Texas.  He was selling white Rotary Sewing Machines.  He had a handwriting as that in a penmanship school book.  Frank Carroll, on this visit, spoke of sister 'Kitty' whom Mary Ella Carroll favored - (physical resemblance)."

There it was, the name 'Kitty'.  I have read and re-read that paragraph many times.  It was from notes my Family Historian Aunt Irene wrote on a visit with MJ and Steven Carroll's oldest son, Othello. I missed 'Kitty' perhaps because I was so intent on researching and trying to identify Abner Franklin Carroll, who Irene referred to as Frank Carroll.

What a priceless piece of information about Frank being a Rotary Sewing Machine salesman.  The statement about his penmanship...a keen and personal observation that gives insight to Frank's character and person from his nephew, Othello.

As for Kitty being the sister of Frank...I'm afraid either Othello was misinformed or Irene misinterpreted Kitty's relationship to Frank.  Never the less, after digging in Frank and Steven's Tennessee families, I have not found a single Kitty.  Frank and Steven were two of four brothers with Steven being the oldest, twins Eli and Charlie next, and Abner Franklin the youngest.

Could there have been a sister Kitty?  Is it possible I have missed her more than once?  Will I go back and scrutinize my Tennessee ancestors more closely?  Is it possible that Kitty is the woman in the photo 'Tennessee Kin'?  I aim to find out!!!