The Lawmen..Sheriff, Marshall and Texas Rangers

The Boarding House Journal
Date: November 1912
Room Number: 6
Guests:  Texas Rangers

"I'll be damn'ed 'Buck', I'm truly sorry I didn't recognize you.  How many years has it been?  Emma, this here's Marshall Buckner.  We worked a case together down in Laredo, best I can remember nearly twenty years ago."  The Sheriff said as he shook hands again with John Buckner. 

Their conversation continued as they stood on the porch waiting for the two Texas Rangers to arrive. "I'm mighty glad you are here 'Buck', this is a touchy situation with these Railroad Men and the band of Mexicans they have hired as laborers.  It's a sorry day when the Prohibitioners have shut down every 'Waterin' Hole' within a hundred miles of the rail head.  Just so happens The Grey Mule is the only Saloon and Pecos the only County they haven't shut down.  Those railroaders stayed liquored up and hottern' habbenero's at loosin' at the card table.  I was sure hopin' they'd get on out of town without breakin' any laws or shootin' up the Saloon.

Marshall Buckner reassured 'The Sheriff' that he'd done his duty, and it was too bad that he'd had to shoot the two men.  He felt sure that the Rangers investigation would prove that to be so, and settle things between his office and the railroad.  "I didn't come here on official Marshall business, but I did send a wire to the US Marshall's office this afternoon letting them know I was in Pecos County.  They wired back and ordered me to stay until this is settled.  I'll be here in an official capacity to help with the Rangers investigation and to help you in anyway I can."

The Rangers arrived mid-afternoon.  I was busy in the kitchen so Sarah registered them and showed them to Room Number Six where we had set up two beds on each side of the entry door with night stands and foot lockers.  Two lace curtained windows overlooked the covered porch, Main Street and the Jail House.  They made arrangements for Pedro to stable their horses and set off across the street to the Sheriff's Office where 'The Sheriff' and Marshall Buckner were waiting to brief them.

It was nearing supper time when Olivia came into the kitchen.  I looked up from the bowl of cornbread I was stirring and greeted her, "Why Olivia, I'm so glad to see you feeling better.  Have a seat there at the kitchen table and I'll put on a pot of Lady Grey.  I hope you rested well today.  You surely do have good color in your cheeks and what a lovely lace collar and cameo".  She thanked me and said, "I am feeling better and if you'll show me where the tea is I'll put on the teapot.  I understand from my husband that we will be staying on for awhile, and I do not intend to stay in bed all day.  I'd like to help out anyway I can."

She donned the apron I handed her, put on the teapot, and made herself right at home in my kitchen.  By supper time, the pot of red beans that had soaked the night before and cooked all day with the ham bone was ready along with the corn bread.  Supper began with 'The Sheriff' introducing the Texas Rangers to everyone at the table.  "Pleased to meet you ma'am," said the younger of the two when introduced to me as the Sheriff's wife and Boarding House proprietress.  "The smell of red beans and cornbread sure remind me of my Mother's kitchen."  He then  pulled out the chair for Sarah and was rewarded with a shy smile and, "Thank-you, Tom." 

The Sheriff and I exchanged a knowing look as he offered the Blessing.  Amen's all around and supper began with thanks and compliments to cooks.  Marshall Buckner patted Olivia's hand as I gave her credit for the cornbread and seemed quite happy to see his wife's improved health and obvious acceptance of his new assignment. 

After supper, the men retired to the parlor for cigars and conversation while Sarah, Olivia and I cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen.  We had just joined the men in the parlor when all hell broke loose.  Shots were fired, glass was blown out of the windows, and   I was on the floor with my husband covering me.  Olivia and the Marshall were in a similar position and Sarah was wrapped in the arms of the young Texas Ranger. 

As if in slow motion, we all regained our footing and when it seemed no one was injured, the Lawmen grabbed their Winchesters and headed for the door which was hanging on one hinge.  Before they got to the porch, we could hear the deputy coming up the steps yelling.....

Sheriff,  they blew up the Jail and escaped with the prisoners!
To Be Continued...
Authored by Sandra Sue Pittman
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